Welcome to Twilight Tarot – a website that focuses on Tarot as a tool for intellectual, spiritual and personal development.  Get a free single card tarot reading or purchase an affordable reading with Christin.

My name is Christin and I’m an intuitive empath and Tarot “expert” with 30 years of experience.  You have likely seen my work on my former website Spiritual Guidance Tarot.

In life, we often go through periods of rebirth where we are compelled to move beyond what we’ve previously established and grow in a new direction.

This is a process of self-discovery, where we can take the best of what we have learned and bring it forward in the spirit of openness, ready for new opportunities and a new vision.

While Twilight Tarot is a new site and domain – it’s not a new idea. 

Twilight is an acronym I have used for years in my readings.  Whenever I am preparing to do a reading for a client I focus on this.  It embodies what I want to bring to my spiritual practice and to my dedication to help others discover their full potential.

Twilight is that mysterious, magical time of day between darkness and light – full of possibilities.  that in between place that marks leaving the past and moving towards more potential.  I liken it to the still, small center we work to access in spiritual practice and meditation.

The acronym I use with it is as follows:

  • Trust
  • Wisdom
  • Inspiration
  • Love
  • Insight
  • Guidance
  • Highest Good
  • Truth

These are the principles that have guided me and my services for years and will continue to guide me as I embark on new adventures while still remaining true to my ideals and loyal to my visitors and customers.

For those wondering, my former website including all the content was acquired by an investor in the metaphysical niche.  It was a bittersweet decision to sell. I created that website for 18 years – and it’s hard to say goodbye to something you have poured your heart into for so long.

So, why did I sell?

The money has provided me an opportunity to start a new business in my local area that will feature local crafters and artisans.  It’s always been a dream of mine, one I could not have attained without the ability the website sale has given me to make a down payment and take a leap of faith.

That’s it really.  I had to make a painful choice, but ultimately that sacrifice is allowing me to open up to more of my potential and explore other talents and dreams.

I have always and continue to love Tarot as a tool though and I will continue to offer the same professional services I always have.  I hope you will join me here and enjoy something new as well.