Christin’s Email Tarot Readings

Wondering what to do?

Let me help you gain insight into your unique situation with a detailed, personal email reading.  My readings are never software generated.  I offer an actual reading done with actual cards.  I have 30 years of experience.

You can choose one question – or multiples, but they are $10 per question.

Have numerous questions? You may want to book a live chat session with me instead.

Why choose me?

I am a professional intuitive and Tarot reader with 3 decades of experience. A reading with me is a personal, engaging experience. No vague ambiguous “readings” here.

I treat all my clients with the honesty and compassion they deserve.  No, I don’t simply tell you what I think you want to hear. My goal is to provide well-rounded perspectives and food for thought on whatever situation you are seeking guidance for.

I see life as a series of lessons we can grow through – not random events that just happen that we have no control over.  I want to empower you to face your circumstances and questions with confidence.

Your reading will be done using the spread best suited to your question.  I promise you a truly unique, personalized experience.  There’s a reason I’ve been online since 2001 and have clients all over the world :).

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