Welcome to a new chapter

Hello friends,

If you’ve found your way here I want to say hello and welcome.  My home page discusses the recent changes in depth and the mission of this website.

I just want to reiterate to all of you who have followed me here from my former home at Spiritual Guidance Tarot that I appreciate your support throughout the years.

I am fond of my old friends 🙂 and I hope to make new ones too.  Thanks so much for your patronage and I hope you enjoy your time here.



2 Replies to “Welcome to a new chapter”

  1. My dearest Christin,
    I am very excited for you, moving closer to your goals. I am much older than you (62), but I have grown up with you. It is sad to see my “security blanket” moving on. I know, though, we must move to prevent us from becoming stagnant. You are still here with your new site. And I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Thank you for all the love you gave to me in your work. You brought me through some tough times. I would still love to receive calendar spreads if they are still available. Thanks again. And God bless.
    Shekinah Star

    1. Thank you so much. Any spread you want is always available for you my dear :). Just email me (I’ll have the contact form set up this week).

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